Creating is always better


The opposite of create is destruct.  Having done both, I can attest that creating is always so much better.  It’s a positive and fulfilling act that gives to others (and yourself) rather than takes away.

You get such a feeling of joy and peace from the process of making something and that feeling can stay with you for days.

I see in the media and in life, so many people who are frustrated with their lives and who express it in a negative manner.  All that does it make more negativity.  It doesn’t even have to be something directly related to a person, it can be something in the news that they don’t agree with.  You see this in news articles about riots or groups of people behaving badly.  When you see someone smashing a store window or denting cars they are expressing their rage at how life is treating them and often the root cause for their anger isn’t what most people think but in feelings of anger and frustration that have built up over time.

So if you’re feeling in a destructive mood find ways to change that feeling.

Some suggestions.

You could channel the anger or frustration into creative expressions.

  • Create artwork expressing how you feel.
  • Write articles online or send them into the local paper expressing how you feel.
  • Go for a run or to the gym or exercise in general.

There are many ways to get creative and provided you’re creating or expressing yourself in a positive manner then you will feel the differences in your life.

Best Wishes

Kevin James

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