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What an interesting word that can evoke such interesting imagery. Intuition. When you say it out loud it kind of sounds like a perfume ad, but it can be such an important aspect of whatever it is you are doing that it would be wrong to just dismiss it like that.

I like to think that intuition comes from some portion of our subconscious that takes over for a moment and if we let it can lead us to some incredible things. For me there have been a couple of times where I have had a ‘hunch’ to go and do something and usually that hunch has worked big for me. The problem is trying to figure out when something is a hunch and when it’s an aspect of your subconscious that is telling you what you want it to say.

There is of course a big difference.

When it’s a hunch it seems as if it comes from ‘outside’ of ourselves. Whatever it is you believe about such things, whether you believe it’s a spark of the divine, or whether it’s being in touch with a higher plane, whatever you call it, when it happens it’s magic.

When it’s actually your subconscious telling you what you are really wanting to hear then it’s more likely that it will fail and won’t work out properly for you.

How do you tell? Well that’s a hard one. I find I get some great ideas pop into my head when I am doing something totally different. It seems as if an idea just pops into my head from nowhere and if I try to follow the idea back to it’s source it just doesn’t seem to have one.

Of course, you may be different. In hindsight it’s easy to tell of course but that’s not very helpful.

What I suggest is to take note of what your thinking about when an idea pops into your head and to try it out.

Having great idea’s are no good to you unless you take action on them.

And don’t be afraid of getting out of the ‘comfort’ zone as that is the place where the most growth happens in us as people.

If you have had some great hunches work out for you, send me an email and let me know.

Best wishes
Kevin James

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