It’s a rainy day


It may be a rainy day for you as well, wherever you are in the world.  Of course a rainy day may be more internalized than just the weather.

Some people get depressed when it rains. Not me.

Sure, I know that rain is necessary, especially in countries with droughts and lack of water. But that’s not the reason I am feeling good.

I also know that the rain cleans the streets and takes pollution out of the air and makes everything clean and seemingly new. But that’s not the reason.

It’s not even because the rain makes the gardens and flowers grow and brings new life to the world.

Do you want to know the reason? O.K I will tell you. Move in close though so no one else can hear. Look around.. is anyone else listening? No, that’s great.

The reason is simple. I have chosen to be happy. It’s true, I got up this morning and made a conscious decision that I would be happy and have a good day. I admit it sounds corny but it works surprisingly well.

In general I am happy for any reason really, whether it’s sunny or wet, hot or cold. One of the reasons I am happy is because I have trained myself that happiness is within. It’s something we can choose to let into our lives or not. It’s something that if we really want, we can make happen. Sure, I have my troubles and strifes just like anyone else but the secret to happiness is to decide to be happy. Simple isn’t it. You may well be having some problem that is crushing you down and making you feel like no one cares, you may be going through some tough times and not sure of your future, but it’s something that you should still choose to let into your life.

We can choose to be happy or we can choose to be sad. Let me explain why I say that. Being happy or sad is an emotion that comes from inside ourselves, inside our own minds, it’s not something that someone can give us if we don’t want to accept it. We have to choose to take it on board and run with it. So Why not decide to be happy every day and make it a part of your life.

Of course nobody is perfect, certainly not me. I have my moments when life starts to get me down a little. It used to be that such periods lasted a long time. Certainly when I was young and in my teens I had a lot of trouble with depression, even contemplated suicide a couple of times. That was something I was able to get past as I grew up when I realized it was wrong and not the way I wanted to end up.

If you have read my sample book chapter, (you can get the full book elsewhere on this site) you will have probably noticed that my childhood was less than ideal. It was probably much like your own since very few people have an ideal childhood. The important part though is that you can change yourself and how we look at the world and we can do it every single day. The important part is to make the decision to do so.

As I mentioned, one of the ways I use to cheer myself up if I am starting to feel a little down is to tell myself that I am going to have a good day.  After all why program yourself to have a bad day? After all, if your going to retrain your mind you might as well do it with positive thoughts.

When your happy or at the least not deeply depressed, you are able to see things clearer than before.  You may even see a solution to your problems since when we are depressed or sad or angry we aren’t able to as easily find solutions to fix those things that are wrong with ourselves and our situation.

Thank you for reading,
Best Wishes
Kevin James.

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