Sometimes it’s hard to do the things we need to do whether it’s because we
don’t like the task or we don’t know how to do it or maybe because there are
so many other things that are more interesting.  Some of us want to change
our lives and look forward to a brighter future.  Some of us want wealth or
possessions or maybe as simple a thing as time with the children.  What is
it that stops you from achieving those things?  I have found in most cases
the answer is simple.  The problem is ourselves.

Sure we can blame others, we can blame our parents or our partners.  We can
blame the society we live in or the school we went to.  In the end though
there is only 1 person who has total responsibility for you and your


Yep, the buck stops here, with YOU. Consider this:

Your mind controls your body and you control your mind.  So in a very real
sense it’s up to you to take control and do what needs to be done.

You will feel motivated and effective when you control your actions and those actions
move you towards your goal.  You can control your actions, whether to do a
thing or not do a thing.  It’s all about you.

To get yourself into gear you need to decide a few things.  The first item
is obvious and is to decide what it is that needs to be done.  The second
item is simple enough and yet for many people quite difficult.  It is to
make the decision to actually do it and to start.

Take that first step, however small it is.  After all starting to do
something that needs to be done can be horrendously difficult for some of us
but is easy enough when you decide to take small steps.  That’s right, start
small and work your way into the task.  Do one part of what needs to be done
everyday, one small piece here, another small piece there and all of a
sudden the majority of the task is done and you’re on your way to the home

I’ve been very interested in how we become ‘who we know ourselves to be’ and
have been for many years.  In my book  Fix Your Brain I explore many
concepts but one of them is the idea that the best way to be the person you
want to be is to simply start being that person.  Even if you are only
pretending and don’t believe it.  Soon others will believe you are that
person and in a little while you will realize that you have actually become
that person and are no longer pretending.

Whether to write a book about love or start that study group you have always
wanted to.  What ever it is you want to do, the best way is to simply start
and do it.

If you want more info, just send me an email.

Thank you.

Kevin James

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