The past is a construct of the mind


I heard that phrase somewhere the other day and thought ‘That is so true’.
Your past is filtered through your memories and of course colored by them.  This has to be true since everyone’s environment and life is perceived though the brain and the mind.  Mine is filtered through my brain, yours is filtered through yours and so on.

So when you remember something it is with your subconscious filters in place.

What’s a subconscious filter you ask?  Its memories and the emotions associated with them, its the things you believe in and the things in your past.  It’s the wrongs been done to you and sometimes the good things that have happened.  It’s how you perceive everyone and everything.    Scary?  It doesn’t have to be.

The problem with these filters is they distort our memories of events and our interactions with people in the now.

The weird thing is they aren’t always correct.  It’s likely many of them are from childhood and anyone who has a child would know that children don’t see the world as how it is but as how they want it to be.

Until you become aware of them they will continue to color everything in your life.

Because of this the past you remember is filtered through your subconscious memories and emotions.  So in a real sense the past (your past) is a construct of the mind.

So how to break them down or limit their effect?

Be aware of your thoughts and what you’re thinking about people and events in your life.  If something happens to you look at how you react to it and see if your reacting that way because of what’s happened in the past.
That’s it.  Give that a try.  Spend this week thinking about how you react to people and events.  If someone says something to you and you get angry or sad, try to remove the emotions from your reaction and look at what was said or done.  Was it actually meant in a way to hurt or upset you?

Until next time.

Take care and be good to yourself.

Kevin James

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