Sep 122016

Why do some companies think that people act unlike people?   The company I work for are rebuilding our office and making the space very sterile and unfriendly to people.

They are changing the space so no one has their own defined space.  So people are not supposed to personalize any desks or spaces.

The idea is that anyone can come into the office and sit anywhere.  They can move around the office and form working groups depending on the need.  They seem to feel that people don’t need any defined space but will just come in and use a desk, then next time they are in the office will move somewhere else.

I am not sure what ‘think tank’ these ideas have come from but I know from a lifetime of experience that people are more than that.  I suspect that the upper executives work that way themselves and believe that everyone should work that way.  They would go from building to building or group to group and have meetings and then move on to somewhere else.  They say that they will work this way themselves when they are in this office, but of course that’s how they work and I believe a majority of the people in the building don’t work that way.

People are territorial.  Before the changes being made were started, it was easy to tell that’s how people are.  If you went to any cube or office where people regularly sat you would see it for yourself.  People put up pictures of family or friends or movie posters or toys or products made by the company.

It was common to see cubes with stuffed toys or action figures and those with offices would have all manner of personalized items that by themselves were valuable and would be safe behind locked doors when the owners left for the day.

The company is going to move a lot of people from other buildings into ours to consolidate the space so I expect the main reason is so they can fit more people into smaller spaces.

This by itself isn’t a problem.  I don’t think there is a problem with the company wanting to be more efficient.  It has a duty to its shareholders to be more efficient and to save money where it can.

The problem I feel is when you treat people in a manner that against our nature.

So how about you?  Are you living your life in a manner that is against your nature?  Perhaps it’s time to examine your life.  Perhaps examine how you treat yourself.  Lets see if anything about that rings false.

We can be very good at hiding things from ourselves so it’s worthwhile just taking the time to look at things and see how we feel about them.


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