Fix Your Brain


NOTE: This book is currently out of print.

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The book ‘Fix Your Brain’ shows you ways to make your life easier and better. Break the hold your subconscious has on your life and free yourself to be happy and joyful. The book is based on teaching you ways to be mindful of what your subconscious is telling you. It shows you ways to change your life and understand what you’re doing and why.

This book explores the following subjects:

Want others think about you.
Emotions and how to control them.
Sadness and Depression.
Relationships. (do you have patterns you follow?)
How you can change your life.
Self Sabotage and how to recognize it.
When you should try and distract yourself.
Sleep problems and what to do.

This book has exercises you can do and can be read cover to cover or randomly opened to a page. Either will provide valuable information.

This book is a lifetime of discovery and self understanding distilled into book form.

This book won’t fix everything in your life, nor will it magically change you. What it will do is help you understand how you can change yourself (or others) and will be invaluable in your own self discovery.

Obtain a copy

If your interested in obtaining a copy, contact me.  If there is enough interest I will republish it and make it available.

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