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Relaxing is an important part of our wellbeing.  It helps us to recover and recuperate and make it through the day.

We require rest to be healthy and to improve our lives.  If your constantly on the go or working. Thinking of things that don’t relax you, this is when your stress levels rise ever higher.

It’s been shown many times in medical journals that stress has a bad effect on the human body and mind so it’s up to us to try and manage that as best we can.

Whenever you can, just take a few moments for yourself and try to relax.  Try and take the thoughts and worries that are going through your mind and push them away.  Even if for a little while.

Do you remember some time in your past when life was better? When you were able to just have fun and have no cares?

One of my fondest memories is a summer I went on a holiday and stayed in a beach shack for a week.  If I wanted to swim I would walk across the small road and onto the beach and then into the water.  I could lay there on a towel with an old paperback that I loved to read but hadn’t read in a while.  I would lose myself in the pages and the worlds therein.

When I was hungry I would walk to the nearby shops and buy food to eat there or cook for myself when I got back to the shack.

One of the relaxing aspects of that holiday was I had no one else to worry about.  It was just me.  I had no schedule to keep and no one wanting to do things that I didn’t want to do.

Sometimes when I feel stressed, I use those memories as a mental relaxant.

I suggest you store up the good memories and bring them out when you need to.  Put them into your bag of tricks to bring out when needed.

With the bad memories we all have I suggest just letting them go.  They serve a purpose, but when we obsess on them it’s a negative response and its always best to let those go.

I have talked about having a relaxing time being on my own but don’t get me wrong.  I have also had some awesome times sharing experiences with people.

Interacting with and having people in your life that provide a positive experience can enrich us in unexpected ways.

That however is another story for another day.

Best Wishes.

Kevin James.


P.S.  I found this article on cnn which I thought was interesting.  Here the authors discuss the importance of taking a day off to rest.

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